November 7, 2011

The Q test

What to do: Using the first finger of your dominant hand, trace the capital letter Q on your forehead.

Result: Some people draw it so that they can read it, with the tail of the Q on the right side of their forehead. Others draw the Q so that it can be read by someone facing them, with the tail on the left side.

Conclusion: This test is designed to measure whether you are “self” or “other” centred. The two types have a very different way of seeing the world, and one type is no better or worse than the other. More information on the 2 types at Quirkology.

3 Responses to “Q”

  1. Orlin Baev Says:

    I drew the letter in the instant I read about the test and before reading the end. Well, according to the text, I tend to be other centered…

  2. Rayna Says:

    Thanks for your comment, Orlin. When I spontaneously did this test, the tail of the Q with me was on the right side of the forehead.

  3. […] very quirky mind to get around things. I have been a fan of Richard Wiseman since I came across his Q Test, but in ‘Quirkology’ there is further elaboration on much quirky stuff such as superstition, […]

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