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7 billion people and you

October 28, 2011

7 billion people and you: What’s your number?┬áSource: BBC

Check here ­čÖé

The divided brain

October 27, 2011

Finding┬áthe right distance – as in reading: being too close you can’t see anything, too far – you can’t read it.

Iain McGilchrist on the real differences between the left and right halves of the human brain – nicely visualised in a┬á10-minute presentation.

(un)broken hearts

October 26, 2011

A friend collected heart-shaped stones for a friend and had artist Georgi Milenkov arrange them on wood. The piece is called (un)broken hearts. Broken or unbreakable …

(un)broken hearts - George Milenkov

Status quo

October 21, 2011

The physical sciences say that an object at rest tends to remain at rest.┬áSame seems true of humans –┬áthe status quo preferred to change.

The status quo bias – a cognitive bias for the status quo ­čśë

But if everything is in a state of flux, the same must be true for the status quo.

Free Sofia Tour

October 17, 2011

An enjoyable free English language sightseeing walking tour of Bulgaria’s capital with Free Sofia Tour. In warm or cold weather twice a day fantastic friendly guides take you around the best attractions in Sofia in a 2-hour walk.

So, put on your walking shoes, check this link for more details and enjoy!

First snow 2011 (Sofia)

October 16, 2011

The fluffy snow flakes this morning were falling down peacefully and playfully. The mixture of green and yellow leaves on the trees provided an interesting background. Snow indeed provokes responses that reach right back to childhood.

Fluffy snow flakes around