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Mariane’s Journey

July 31, 2011

One evening at dusk, on a journey to a special place,  listening to the audio book “Mariane’s Journey” made the journey a very special one. A journey into the past and a memorable meeting with someone who had lived long before Mariane was even born. I still can clearly hear the message: “If we have loved once, no matter where or when, a time for loving will surely come again.”

Mariane’s Journey was an inspiration for continuing my summer journey, namely my blog vacation.

Angels in the Outfield

July 29, 2011

Angels in the Outfield (1994) – a great movie about Angels and their dealings with humans. Christopher Lloyd as Al the Boss Angel, Danny Glover and two little angels – one of them ‘a psycho kid’ and his best friend J.P. “The footprints of an angel are love, and where there is love, miraculous things can happen.” In Al’s words: “Even though you can’t see us, we’re always watching.” That reminds me that the Boss is always right.

Among books

July 27, 2011

I can’t help breaking my summer break for bragging about a few events among books. This month I won Mike Ramm’s award on the occasion of the 5,000th comment in his blog. The award, I am proud to be the winner of, is Anthony Keidis’ “Scar Tissue”.

On 14 July 2011 Geries Awwad the author of “The Echo” met his Bulgarian readers in Sofia.  It was quite moving to hear from him how he was motivated in collecting these unforgettable inspirational stories from all over the world.

On 15 July 2011 it was fun to be with Justine Toms at “The Fun Summer Read” in Plovdiv. Books as best friends. Encouraging children to read. Books and children. Books and we. Books and the world around. Books and how we see the world around …

3 years old

July 2, 2011

Today this blog turns 3 years old. I once asked a friend (known here in the comments as Norod) how he came across it. He gave Multiple answers and here I choose to share one: “…It happens all the time that we reach places unexpectedly…”

On the occasion of the anniversary and the sunny days ahead this blog(ger) takes a summer break 🙂 in search of unexpected places… whoops … spots. Wishing you a relaxing time!

Just perfect

July 1, 2011

Seeing A Perfect Day on a perfect night was a perfect experience. A movie about the vicissitudes of life, success and failure, soul transformation, the strength of love. Knowing you only have a few more days to live and a guardian angel (Christopher Lloyd) stepping in just at the perfect time. Just perfect!


July 1, 2011

The search process with Google is a never-ending experience.

New, neat and fun. What do you love?