Money Talks

May 2, 2011

A unique interactive exhibition entitled ‘The Story Money Tells’ (Money Talks) focussing on the seven historical figures which are depicted on the Bulgarian banknotes in circulation is currently running in Sofia. It makes one have a closer look and view in a new way one of the things that go most often through our hands – banknotes. Through the images (including the hidden ones) and the texts on the Bulgarian banknotes, the exhibition tells different stories about people, events and places from the past and present history of Bulgaria.

On the photo Paisii Hilendarski (Saint Paisius of Hilendar). The exhibition will be on till 10 May, 2011 in the Sofia Central Bath.

2 Responses to “Money Talks”

  1. Boryana Says:

    Успя ли да отидеш на тази изложба? Аз четох за нея, но не знам до колко часа вечер е отворено за посетители.
    Иначе изглежда интересно за разглеждане 🙂

  2. Rayn@ Says:

    Интересна е да се види. Нямам представа доколко часа вечер е отворена, но опитай да намериш време да я разгледаш.

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