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So Heavenly

January 29, 2011

The harmony in cosmos.
Heavenly Hubble images which make you see things in perspective.

To the full presentation of heavenly images.


Form & substance

January 24, 2011

This image comes via a friend.

Makes me think of forms and substances…

…Sometimes forms change, sometimes substances.

Sometimes both, sometimes – neither. Perceptions… forms… substances… (Dis)unity…

My Dream Notebook

January 21, 2011

A friend, aware of my dreaming habits, gifted me a Dream Book and a special dream pen with which to write in it. The mysterious reddish disk on the cover (in the morning reminding me of the moon, at night – of the sun)… My Dream Book.

The paradox of choice

January 19, 2011

Choosing between 2 things or choosing among 20. ‘There’s no question that some choice is better than none, but it doesn’t follow from that that more choice is better than some choice.’ Full TED Talk on the Paradox of choice.


January 18, 2011

Being a ‘Skylark’ (author: Reşat Nuri Güntekin, ‘Çalıkuşu’) – being different, making a difference. Naughtiness and care, mischievousness and intelligence – larking around in pursuit of ideals.

Atatürk’s Doomed Love

January 15, 2011

After reading Liliana Serafimova’s fiction-documentary ‘Atatürk’s Doomed Love’ I was intrigued to know more of the personal life of the founder of the Republic of Turkey. Love doomed by circumstances or rather fate having other plans for Mustafa Kemal (at that time military attaché in Sofia and the future founder of modern parliamentary system and secularism in Turkey) and Dimitrina Kovacheva (daughter of the Bulgarian Minister of Defence during the Second Balkan War). The book was originally written in Bulgarian but can also be found in Turkish (Mustafa Kemal ve Miti Kovaçeva Umutsuz Bir Aşkın Öyküsü).