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Autumn leaves

November 30, 2010

The dynamics of colours in autumn is amazing. Colours red today turn yellow tomorrow, gold turns to brown a few days later.

Whirling and swirling for a while, finally as autumn leaves, leaves leave, too… But only for a while…Image: sxc


November 27, 2010

“So I feel connected to every language in a different way” Elif Şafak‘s words from the compelling 20-minute video clip, on fiction and not only, made me remember my admiration for the unique Turkish word “aşk” [love] which is only used for “love” of that one special person one loves and not for god, parents or family. Languages, thoughts, words, feelings … fiction, reality – “Aşk” is already on my reading list.


November 22, 2010

This image (via GeeksWithBlogs) makes me think: he is running away because he is scared. Or is he scared and as a result taking action of running away. Actions and emotions. Emotion and actions. And experts in the field say thoughts come first. Just a geeky thought.

If you wish to rank your geekiness you may do so here. A post with geeky flavour 😉

Castles in the air

November 17, 2010

Yet another chance. “If you have put castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.” (Henry David Thoreau)

Fantasy and reality. Reality and fantasy.
Realistic fantasy. Fantastic reality.
Image: Dali’s Castle in Púbol

Emotional spectrum

November 15, 2010

A great 2-minute video on Balance. Love. Hate. The Emotional Spectrum.

In the corporate and private world.

Via Blogging Me, Blogging You

Eat Pray Love

November 14, 2010

Seeing ‘Eat Pray Love’  reminded me of a campaign I came across once along the lines of “What’s in it for me?” The few fabulous Bali shots and the idea ‘to lose balance sometimes for love is part of living a balanced life’, which if elaborated differently, would have had ‘more in it’ for me.