A Perfect Day For Me

October 3, 2010

At J. Toms‘ invitation, somehow belated I join the ‘Perfect Day For Me‘ challenge. Note the note* below. The perfect day for me starts with the perfect night where dreams (¹&²) come true. But as Paul Valéry has worded it: ‘The best way to make your dreams[²] come true is to wake up.’  During the perfect day I alter between dreams(²) and reality and so on until the perfect night (¹&²). Wishing you sweet or rather smiling dreams (¹&²).

* dreams¹ (asleep) and dreams² (awake)


3 Responses to “A Perfect Day For Me”

  1. Petya Says:

    Hey Rayna,
    It’s been so long since we last spoke for which I am so sorry. It’s good to see your blog is again “alive” 🙂 I started my masters degree in England 🙂 I will send you more detailed email about it soon. Until then – keep dreaming 🙂

  2. Rayn@ Says:

    Hey Petya, congratulations! Look forward to you mail. With best wishes, Rayn@ 🙂

  3. Elena A Says:

    Хареса ми. Понякога ще си го чета отново

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