Six Thinking Hats

May 17, 2010

‘Almost anything can be simplified further.’ – Dr. Edward de Bono – upcoming in Bulgaria.

The Six Thinking Hats

White – what are the facts?
Red – emotions, gut reaction;
Black – logic identifying flaws;
Yellow – logic identifying benefits;
Green – creativity, seeing where a thought goes;
Blue – thinking about thinking;

My all-shades-papaya one needs re-newal and re-viewal 🙂

Image Six Thinking Hats via: Luc Gallopin

2 Responses to “Six Thinking Hats”

  1. MT Says:

    Привет, Райна! Интересные интерпретации цветов!
    Все люди очень по-разному воспринимают цвет…

  2. Rayn@ Says:

    Мария, спасибо. На мой взгляд, это будет интересный семинар.

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