February 1, 2010

In 2008 I landed on Blogland and decided to blog for a while (or ever) …
At the 555th post today I chose to un-blog for a while (or ever) …

Thanks to all regular visitors and all who surfed through here by chance. If at some point I resume blogging and you wish to follow, please, use the e-mail subscription form in the left menu.

I wondered whether to illustrate this post with a hat. Gave it up and chose this picture instead.

Update 10/02/10 – On the occasion of the 55,555 view to date, greeting-twitting from Un-blogland > read here>>>

11 Responses to “Un-blogging”

  1. Sad news but take a break and later you may find inspiration again. Good luck!

  2. Eli A Says:

    are you sure

  3. Emily Says:

    You did it again …. a surprise when least expected! Come back soon, you hear

  4. velqn Says:

    You shall blog again my young apprentice! My word is spoken so you listen should to your guru`s word!

  5. Vassy Says:

    I just discovered your blog and now that I have read a few posts, I feel bad you’re leaving Blogland.

  6. Elena Ganeva Says:

    Hei, do not unblog for ever… just for a while. You leave footprints in mind and soul… even if we do not comment that often:-)

  7. Hermann Says:

    Looks like you carefully picked that drawing for your un-blogging post.
    Let me paraphrase a word from “The Little Prince”:
    It will look as if you were gone, but that will not be true.

  8. rossi Says:

    Where is the PARTY, Rayna? Tell us!!

  9. Rayn@ Says:

    Greetings from Un-blogland and thanks for your notes. Choosing between two attractive options (To Blog or to Un-blog in my case) can be ‘much more heartbreaking’, as a friend says, than choosing the lesser of two evils.

  10. bulpete Says:

    Hey Rayna,
    I know blogging can be tiring, time and money consuming. But please don’t quit something that you love with all your heart!
    The time intervals could be longer, but I am looking forward to reading at R@yna’s spot!

    All the best,
    Peter R.

  11. Elena Ganeva Says:

    Ренито, Ренито… искаме още, искаме още!

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ а това е мексиканска вълна за R@yna’s spot:-)

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