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Here Comes Mr. Jordan

February 27, 2010

Some movies keep me curious long after I see them. Saw heavenly beautifully played ‘Here Comes Mr. Jordan‘ (1941) after the remakes.
Messenger 7013: I have an idea, Mr. Jordan, couldn’t we have him reborn?
Joe Pendleton [Robert Montgomery]: Nothing doing; I’m not gonna go through *that* again!
But that *that*still makes me curious with numerous question on Heaven and Earth. For heaven’s sake what on earth is going on here!?

What the Bleep Do we Know!?

February 27, 2010

What the Bleep Do we Know!? (What the #$*! Do We (K)now!?) – seeing and re-seeing reality in a different way. Quantum weirdness on light’s ability to behave as either a particle or a wave. All throughout the movie Einstein’s quote: “God does not play dice with the universe” was bleeping in my mind.

Several in one

February 14, 2010

Googling during the Vancouver Olympics …

Google logo 14 February 2010


February 1, 2010

In 2008 I landed on Blogland and decided to blog for a while (or ever) …
At the 555th post today I chose to un-blog for a while (or ever) …

Thanks to all regular visitors and all who surfed through here by chance. If at some point I resume blogging and you wish to follow, please, use the e-mail subscription form in the left menu.

I wondered whether to illustrate this post with a hat. Gave it up and chose this picture instead.

Update 10/02/10 – On the occasion of the 55,555 view to date, greeting-twitting from Un-blogland > read here>>>