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December 23, 2009

Day after day, the closer we get to the holiday season, cards are piling up with a holiday spirit. Google logo (22 Dec’09 – right, 23 Dec’09 – left). Season’s cards … season’s greetings …


December 21, 2009

The Movieum of London – the top attraction dedicated to film. My home ‘movieum’ these days in a nutshell:

Humphrey Bogart in ‘The Maltese Falcon‘ (1941) as a detective and a suspect who doesn’t ‘mind a reasonable amount of trouble’ … and gets it all throughout the movie.
* * *
Watch Out for the Automobile‘, (original title: Берегись автомобиля, 1966) – the fun moments never end in this crime/romance movie until The End. Brilliant performance, witty comments, reminding of Robin Hood…
* * *
To Forget Venice‘ (1979) – painful memories and even more painful present. A movie on loss and pain.
* * *
The Devil Wears Prada‘ (2006) – The Devil Chooses Prada, the Devil Wears Prada… Meryl Streep stunning and devilishly angelic on life and choices.

Gift time

December 18, 2009

XM A S – time for sharing, time for g i f t s …

How to participate for a gift? Share a thought here in English or Bulgarian (of an event, book, movie…) in 2009 by 12 hrs on 24 December’09. Just a word would also be accepted (e.g. for me 2009 can be summarised in the word ‘sunrise‘).

What would be the gifts? These 3 notebooks. Mailing costs to the winners would be on me.

Who would win? The first, the last submitted comments, and (1 + last) : 2 [example: if total participants are 4, the calculation would be (1+4) : 2 = 2.5 (3 – the higher number wins).

On 25 Dec’09 at 00:00 hrs the winners will be announced here & contacted by e-mail. With best wishes!

Dreamers …

December 17, 2009

I came across this cute hand-made Basket for Poems at J. Toms blog. Which reminds me I haven’t posted my letter to Santa Claus yet (both referred to sites are in Bulgarian).

‘Call me a dreamer, but I’m not the only one’. Bravo, Tomi!

Taking a turn

December 16, 2009

Thoughts voiced recently on the topic of taking a turn in one’s life: ‘Wouldn’t it be nice to make a lateral move from time to time and go down an unknown path through the woods? Life is too short to afford getting lost midway, but just as short to afford going all the time straight towards the horizon – and never reach it …’ (Val G.) made me ponder on … turns …

Uncommon thoughts

December 15, 2009

One of those books with uncommon thoughts on common things – ‘It Was on Fire When I Lay Down on It’ by Robert Fulghum.

‘We are the only creatures that both laugh and weep … it’s because we are the only creatures that see the difference between the way things are and the way they might be …

I believe that imagination is stronger than knowledge –
That myth is more potent than history.
I believe that dreams are more powerful than facts –
That hope always triumphs over experience …’

Seeing oneself in every story. ‘Change the name, and the story is told of you.’ (Horace)