Gift time

December 18, 2009

XM A S – time for sharing, time for g i f t s …

How to participate for a gift? Share a thought here in English or Bulgarian (of an event, book, movie…) in 2009 by 12 hrs on 24 December’09. Just a word would also be accepted (e.g. for me 2009 can be summarised in the word ‘sunrise‘).

What would be the gifts? These 3 notebooks. Mailing costs to the winners would be on me.

Who would win? The first, the last submitted comments, and (1 + last) : 2 [example: if total participants are 4, the calculation would be (1+4) : 2 = 2.5 (3 – the higher number wins).

On 25 Dec’09 at 00:00 hrs the winners will be announced here & contacted by e-mail. With best wishes!

26 Responses to “Gift time”

  1. 2009 – to love all, to trust a few and to do wrong to none ;] (Shakespeare)

  2. Alain Says:

    2009 was for me, to discover the extreme rich culture of your people and country. The future will be yours, dear Bulgarian friends. You are the poets of the next decade.

  3. Nadia Goranova Says:

    For me 2009 was challenging work-wise, but most satisfying private life-wise. Would summarize it in the word ‘wise’.

    All the best to you in 2010!

  4. Val Nelson Says:

    Allow more time for “play”.

  5. smiling Says:

    A hard, but fruitful 2009.

    Peace, love, less stress, more smiles for all of us in 2010!


  6. […] да направим от нещото традиция, ето Райна вече подхвана с подаръците от блога си, продължавам и тази година и […]

  7. Ще споделя с вас един страхотен цитат от съчинение на 4-токласник от училище Увекинд:
    Дядо Коледа минава през целия свят. И е толкова разнообразен, според въображението на хората, че не се знае точно какъв е.
    Мисля, че именно това ще ни спаси – въображението и разнообразието. нека бъдем различни и еднакви, който както иска да го разбира.

  8. Elena Ganeva Says:

    2009 for me was a comeback, get away and move on, all at the same time. Come back to people I love, people that smile and joke and are good-hearted. Get away mentally, almost completely from the opposite. Move on to something new in my life. I wish for 2010 the courage to remember that there will always be a “sunrise” after the darkest dark, beautiful and somehow new. Reni, I liked your summary word:-)

  9. V. Donkov Says:

    I skipped to the Western Hemisphere in 2009 to visit friends in Chicago ( , the No. 1 place to live in, according to (
    Good friends and new explorations to all of you!

  10. Банко Says:

    За пръв път в България организирахме провеждането на практически семинар по Фън Шуй и сега трябва да подготвям следващ.

  11. Erich Says:

    2009, has being a very difficult year and at the same time a very important one. It has making us realize the importance of many values we lost in time. Years like this are to remember not in a negative way but in a very positively, each of us will take great lessons from it. Let 2010 surprise us! but dont forget we are the main actors to achieve this!

  12. Okimoto San Says:

    It was a great year – wedding, professional achievements, holidays, happiness, good friends, INSIGHT, parties and health…I Wish all these things to all of you (i wish myself also)in the new 2010!

  13. I created the “Stop and Think!” club – a place where everyone can share their ideas and thoughts and I found great people there who became my friends. I am really happy and proud of 2009!

  14. astral_buddy Says:

    This 2009 has been a blessing year for my wife and I, because we’ve made a few new friends, who are worth a lot! You guys probably can’t even imagin what is to find real cool Bulgarians, at the other end of the Globe, far away from motherland in 10 years! Life is beautiful ;))

  15. Green Says:

    The passing year … hard, painful and full with unexpected turns 😦
    I still have hope for the new year

  16. velqn Says:

    2009 is the year of the financial crisis, the monk with the ferrari, many broken dreams but also many new ones!

  17. Д-р Кемал Мутишев Says:

    Годината беше много вълнуваща, научих много неща от моите пациенти, а също и от самия себе си. Благодаря на тях и на себе си.

  18. ЛЮРИ Says:

    2009г. за мен е година на развитие, израстване и позитивна промяна. Научих се да се харесвам и да бъда добра със себе си.

  19. Andrei Todorov Says:

    Годината за мен беше изпълнена с различни емоционални преживявания, срещнах се с много хора и научих много от тях, което беше полезно за мен. Видях много красиви места, които ме заредиха с положителна енергия и ме обогатиха духовно и емоционално.

  20. Ivanka Says:

    For me 2009 was the year of my family, both my sons going through changes, a year of anticipation of good new things ahead of us, and of course, the 70th anniversary of both my parents. Not a great year but a very good one.

  21. Boryana Says:

    In 2009 I met a true friend…a true love maybe…

  22. rossi Says:

    This year I flew very far and very high.
    Life is amazing!

  23. Emily Says:

    May all of You be blessed! I was blessed in 2009 – my husband and I have been adopted by our daughter – Lara! Dear God, give her all the health, happiness, love and luck she deserves!!!

  24. […] would like to thank All who participated in my Gift time post sharing thoughts and experiences on 2009. Congratulations to […]

  25. Rayn@ Says:

    Thank You very much to all who particpated in my Gift Time post. Here are the winners:

    Merry X-Mas to ALL!

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