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Gift time

December 18, 2009

XM A S – time for sharing, time for g i f t s …

How to participate for a gift? Share a thought here in English or Bulgarian (of an event, book, movie…) in 2009 by 12 hrs on 24 December’09. Just a word would also be accepted (e.g. for me 2009 can be summarised in the word ‘sunrise‘).

What would be the gifts? These 3 notebooks. Mailing costs to the winners would be on me.

Who would win? The first, the last submitted comments, and (1 + last) : 2 [example: if total participants are 4, the calculation would be (1+4) : 2 = 2.5 (3 – the higher number wins).

On 25 Dec’09 at 00:00 hrs the winners will be announced here & contacted by e-mail. With best wishes!