December 8, 2009

College after college, bridge after bridge over the river Cam, enjoyable strolls through both the ancient and modern Cambridge in sunshine or in rain, Time seems to be of a different nature here … Cambridge !

Cambridge, December 2009

6 Responses to “Cambridge”

  1. D.B. Says:

    You have been lucky with the weather. Nice shot.

  2. astral_buddy Says:

    It’s so beautiful there! What about the peope? How do you find them – friendly, outgoing, welcoming or?

  3. Rayn@ Says:

    @D.B. – Weather-wise I was indeed lucky. It was cold but sunny.

    @astral_buddy – Cambridge is really very beautiful and peaceful. Contrary to my expectations for the ‘reserved Brits’ the people were quite friendly.

  4. Emily Says:

    This is a real postcard picture! You made it again! Bravo!

  5. astral_buddy Says:

    @Rayna: It’s funny, because I’ve got similar opinion about the Brits, from cities, different than London; They really are so friendly and welcoming. In London, I could barely see British people, streets have always been dominated by emigrants, and the attitude is opposite to the above one mentioned. ;(

  6. Rayn@ Says:

    @Emily: Thanks. This is my favourite photo.

    @astral_buddy: My vague impressions are that the ‘Brits’ are friendly. Friends of mine (continental) who has lived there for many years find them ‘reserved’.

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