6 Days 7 Nights

November 9, 2009

Six Days Seven Nights – if it weren’t for Harrison Ford’s great play I would have hardly survived this a bit ‘sugar-coated’ romantic comedy. A worth reminder was that  if one doesn’t have with oneself what one needs, one won’t find it here or there, or anywhere…

Some 6 days 7 nights I am back to my original blog’s design.  My Halloween (black & orange) mood lasted somehow longer, but it is in the clear white background that I delight in more light. Find – sort of a key word here.

2 Responses to “6 Days 7 Nights”

  1. J.Q. Says:

    On the movie – agree.

    On your previous design – it was a bit spooky, but fun.

    Keep blogging in whatever form, design.

  2. Rayn@ Says:

    Thanks, J.Q. for the feedback. Appreciated.

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