November 4, 2009

Some make it, some break it…



Breaking a glass or for that matter anything that is fragile, makes one see things differently. The pieces refract the light differently than the whole and reveal aspects that could not have been seen otherwise. ‘Whole’  … ‘broken pieces’… A flash of memory… They say broken things bring  luck. On above-the-literal level in view of the above, it makes perfect sense.

Some break it, some make it …

2 Responses to “Broken”

  1. Luc Says:

    I read your post as breaking [losing] something that opens an opportunité for something new.

    We have a saying in French that we know the worth of a thing when we have lost it.

  2. Rayn@ Says:

    Thanks for your comment, Luc.
    In a way that is what I meant – when breaking something one sees the pieces. I also had something else in mind – once a favourite ceramic bijoux of mine broke and the pieces were beautiful in themselves, but the ceramic maker found a way of gluing them together. The result was – a completely different third option. I liked it even better than the initial version (maybe because I liked the initial item in the first place). On top, I received a small brand new ceramic bijoux.

    As to appreciating things when we lose them – we have a similar saying in Bulgarian. In a way it’s a pity things work that way.

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