Cioran on curiosity

November 2, 2009

Rayna_Spot_White_as_MilkI changed the design of my blog for Halloween, but now I decided to stick to the new look for a while…

“If I were to give up on my curiosity, I would have specialised in whining.” (‘Syllogismes de l’amertume’, Emil Cioran)

My blog’s pre-Halloween look above.


5 Responses to “Cioran on curiosity”

  1. Emil Says:

    Drastic change in the look; somehow just the opposite of the previous, yet in a way the same. Gives me a feeling of reversed – look, attitude (!), choice. Overall a brave experiment. Unquiet minds – predicable in their quests. Keep it up as it comes in your views!

  2. Ели Says:

    получило се е доста привлекателно и модерно

  3. Rayn@ Says:

    @Emil – I experimented with this dеsign for Halloween, but over the last couple of days I started liking it more and more. True, it is sort of reverse, opposite – just like the other side of a coin. I also miss my previous design, but will see. It would be like this for a while … as long as it lasts.

    @Ели, благодаря!

  4. Elena Ganeva Says:

    First I was disappointed… not the site I am used to see… now I kind of start to like it better. I guess that’s with everything in live… we just get used to things and people… and tend to like more what’s familiar… maybe this is why it is difficult to accept something new.. or something different in other people. We stick to the first impression, not-liking, and don’t take the time just to get used to it and probably accept it.

  5. Rayn@ Says:

    @Elena Ganeva – I am also not quite used to the new design but experimenting with the new look fascinates me. It’s for a while only …

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