What/how we see/view

October 23, 2009

Young_Old_Lady_optical_illusionComing along this optical illusion – ‘grandchild’ or ‘grandma’ – any time makes me think on what we see and how we view it. The mind can hold only one of the images at a time … and it determines what we see … but it shifts back and forth.  Same as with the dancer.

A slight shift in the view and the perception gets different – in images, ideas, situations …

2 Responses to “What/how we see/view”

  1. astral_buddy Says:

    Thank God I saw the pretty young girl, instead of the grandma ;))) but your Dancer threw me off, that was incredible!

  2. Rayn@ Says:

    I also naturally see the young image. With the dancer before, I used to see her turning counter-clockwise, as well, sometimes, but these days she seems to be turning only clockwise.
    With compliments this clock: https://tzvetkova.wordpress.com/2009/03/07/

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