Irony of Fate

October 18, 2009

Irony of Fate (original title: Ирония судьбы, or С лёгким паром!) – great movie with multiple purely human reference points to think about … and enjoy.

Soviet Russia and New Years Day, Fate and its Games.
Both Irony and Fate at their best.

3 Responses to “Irony of Fate”

  1. Elena Ganeva Says:

    I like the movie a lot… I love old Soviet movies.. and Ирония судьбы is surely funny, human, romantic… anything you name it… close to the heart movie. Not sure why our kids need to grow up mainly with Hollywood production. Russian soul seems to me much closer to ours. Yesterday mistakenly I put some Soviet music on, I thought these were kids’ songs. My son, 6 years old, said this is “Spanish”, but he liked it.

  2. Ginoquarius Says:

    One of my favorites… like many movies from Eldar Ryazanov – Russian film director whose comedies, satyrizing the daily life of the people, are very famous in the time of Soviet Union.
    Other “a must see” movies are “Watch Out for the Automobile” / “Берегись автомобиля” (1966), “Office Romance” / “Служебный роман” (1977), “A Railway Station for Two” / “Вокзал для двоих” (1982).
    Eldar Ryazanov received the USSR State Prize in 1977 and was named a “People’s Artist of the USSR” in 1984.

  3. Rayn@ Says:

    @Eli: 10x for your comment. Special for the 6-years old boy:

    @Giniusquarius: Comment much appreciated. Look forward to the next ‘must see’ movies.

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