Guest authors – E. & L. Ganevi

September 30, 2009

Tryavna_3Tryavna and the region around were a wish-to-do destination recently, but friends made the trip there instead. I invited them to share in a nutshell their impressions and some photos. Welcome to guest author – Elena Ganeva

Tryavna_1Tryavna – an incredibly beautiful mountain town … The picturesque square with the clock tower, Tryavna_2the bumpy bridge, the craftsmen street … all these make you feel as if in a fairy-tale. Very Bulgarian, very clean…(un)real.

Photos: Ljubomir Ganev

3 Responses to “Guest authors – E. & L. Ganevi”

  1. alver Says:

    looks enigmatic. nice photos.

  2. Rayn@ Says:

    There are many enigmatic places in Bulgaria, Alver. Thanks to the guest authors for the photos again.

  3. […] Tryavna – a typical National Revival architecture gem of a place in central Bulgaria, featuring 140 cultural monuments, museums and expositions. The birthplace of Bulgarian writer Pencho Slaveykov. Unique landmarks: the clock tower (1814), the bumpy bridge behind it, the first secular school in Bulgaria, the St. Archangel Mihael Church (12th c.). See also 2009 post >>> […]

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