A Museum … & Time

September 29, 2009

Love reading Orhan Paumuk for the elaborate thoughts and multiple plots. ‘Museum of Innocence‘ was no exception. A Museum in which Time disappears. Have to see it some time. I wonder if Time really matters after reading this book.

3 Responses to “A Museum … & Time”

  1. nur ulushan Says:

    I guess not, time does not necessarily matter if once in our lives we have the chance to feel that the world is that close to heaven…back to the real world, they also say time heals everything. what a dilemma! It makes me think how people choose to react; some burn out every little memory, and some create a museum of them…A physical one or not. If we choose the 2nd, then time turns into places-again physical or not-and it becomes infinite..
    Anyway, I better sum up with a quote:)
    ‘…I remembered the creepy feeling that while the entire mankind was living in a different time, I was stuck on a different place.’

  2. Rayn@ Says:

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Nur. You are very right about the dilemma and people’s reactions – ‘burn out every little memory’ or ‘create a museum of them’.

    A book that starts with “It was the happiest moment of my life, I didn’t know.” I was much impressed with the very end, too. The story and all the author’s thoughts throughout make one reflect on life in general and one’s life in particular.

    I enjoyed and was deeply moved by every sentence.

  3. […] actual museum contains all the objects  that chronicle the love described in the book. Like this:LikeBe the first to like this […]

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