Summer shot’09

September 6, 2009

The gloomy weather this morning made me nostalgic for the summer. With this I’d like to invite D. Boshnakova, K. Stoykova, M. Ramm, M. Peshev, P. Rashev, D. Nikolov and anyone who wishes to share a favourite Summer’2009 shot. Here is mine:


Summer'2009, Sozopol, View from Palikari

11 Responses to “Summer shot’09”

  1. nofearinc Says:

    That’s mine – flying 250m above Kyustendil 😉

  2. bulpete Says:

    I am not sure if this is favourite, but it is well worth it:

  3. I’ve tried to post a pic a couple days ago, but seems I got lost in your spam filters probably. Anyway, my fav is the one I’m smiling while flying in the air – visible in the link you’ve quoted me with 🙂

  4. Rayn@ Says:

    Big 10X to all who shared Summer 2009 shots!

    @ Boryana – Beautiful view!

    @ Mario – that must have been indeed an incredible experience. Apologies for the filters. Just fixed it. Thanks.

    @ Eli – wow. Looks like great fun!

    @ Peter – scuba diving! I will do this one day too!

  5. Here is my picture from this summer. You can see it on my facebook profile –

    And the winner is?

  6. I can’t choose only one picture so I share a whole album – these are pictures from our family visit to the Botanical Garden in Balchik – it was so beautiful!

  7. Rayna Says:

    @ Dessi Boshnakova – wow – what a winner! Prizes … around x-mas 🙂

    @ Mike Ramm – fantastic album. Indeed incredibly beautiful!

  8. Rayna, I will remember that this x-mas I will have one more present. Please say to Santa Clause that I want a nice book:)))

  9. Rayn@ Says:

    Dessi, I will keep Santa Clause fully appraised of your wishes. If you yourself write another book by x-mas – that would be a great gift for many 🙂

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