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African art connoisseur

August 25, 2009

Aug_Emily_Masks_1African art – one gets fascinated and lost in the diversity.

Aug_Emily_Masks_2Each piece in this collection has a story that the collector shares with enthusiasm. 

A collection as diverse as the connoisseur.

Emilia Atanassova has an MA degree in African studies and is PhD in Development Economics from the Istitute for African Studies with the Russian Academy of Sciences. She has lived in Africa for over a decade. 

A different world. On African wave these days.

The African Queen

August 24, 2009

‘What’s your name, dear?’  sounds somewhat challenging in a 1951 movie. Mr. Allnut (Humphrey Bogart) and Miss Rosie (Katharine Hepburn) on an undertaking  journey in ‘The African Queen‘. Fascinating performance and scenery.

I Let The Music Speak

August 21, 2009

Time one remembers …
‘I Let The Music Speak’ (lyrics)

‘… Let it be the joy of each new sunrise …’ (Abba)

Jeu [game]

August 20, 2009

Image: Stockxpert

If I were to name this image I wonder along what lines it would have been.

Air & water, toys & boys … or time & time (repetition intended) …

Games children play … Games adults play …  c’est la vie … c’est le jeu …


August 17, 2009

Could history have had a different turn? Depends on the story-teller and (hi)story. In The Great Dictator‘s  final scenes, a switched identity throws light on a new better world. Hilarious and funny – two roles, one legend – Charles Chaplin – as Hitler and a Jewish barber.