The African Queen

August 24, 2009

‘What’s your name, dear?’  sounds somewhat challenging in a 1951 movie. Mr. Allnut (Humphrey Bogart) and Miss Rosie (Katharine Hepburn) on an undertaking  journey in ‘The African Queen‘. Fascinating performance and scenery.

2 Responses to “The African Queen”

  1. Ginoquarius Says:

    Movie that has everything – adventure, humor, and superb performances.
    Screenplay is adapted by James Agee, John Huston, Peter Viertel and John Collier from a novel “The African Queen”, written in 1935 by Cecil Scott Forester and filmed in 1951 by John Huston.
    Humphrey Bogart won the only Oscar in his career playing Charlie Allnut – a buzzy sailor, smuggling on a river in East Africa.
    I’m happy you like the movie, miss Rayn@. 🙂

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