On veils

August 9, 2009

Photo: Hermann

A friend sent over this photo of Veiled Budhha he has taken in a Buddhist temple in Sri Lanka. I was fascinated by it for similar reasons – its symbolic character and assumption on veiled visions…

That reminds me of the dance of the seven veils and Oscar Wilde’s ‘Salome’. The name Salome in Hebrew relates to ‘peace’…

On the subject of veils I once came across intriguing thoughts in The Budhha Smiled blog… Veils … veils … veils.

2 Responses to “On veils”

  1. Hermann Says:

    What’s behind the veiled Buddha?
    Nice to see how this day you take the veiled Buddha on quite a journey –
    from the temple to stories on biblical grounds, to Oscar Wilde, to Hebrew linguistics …
    But there’s no journey too long, not for a Buddha, and certainly not for a veiled Buddha …

  2. Rayn@ Says:

    The photo is indeed intriguing, trigerring associations. Thanks a lot for it, Hermann.

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