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August 3, 2009

KittenKiten [Китен] – in Bulgarian means lovely, colourful, flowery… It is also the name of a lovely, colourful and flowery south Black Sea coast town. Walking around it I wondered why it wasn’t spelled in English with double ‘t’, thus making it Kitten, as kittens are lovely, colourful and flowery as it can be seen 🙂

Tea drink(er)s on the beach

August 3, 2009

Viara_ZaikovaWhile having drinks at Swinging Beach (ex Alcohol) Bar at Lozenets on the Black Sea coast one might come across artistically disposed characters like Viara Zaikova, student at Luben Groys Theatre College, working during the summer holidays here. New forms of theatre – in college and off-college time. Tasty Long Island Iced Tea right on the beach. Cheers 🙂