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Unique forms

August 31, 2009

Rila_B_GanevaThe Seven Rila Lakes – each a wonder with its unique form and all a spectacular sight from the very top. Rila_Lakes_1The lake I can’t take my eyes off is The Eye.

No matter where one looks – up or down – there are peculiar forms all around. Photos: Boryana Ganeva


Club Stop and Think!

August 30, 2009

30_Aug_2009Entrepreneurial & enthusiastic people generate & share ideas. This is what “Stop and Think” [Спри и помисли] Club [in Bulgarian] is about. The founder Mike Ramm started the initiative 2 months ago and today the 6th meeting was held Candle_Barwith Mario Peshev presenting ‘Standard Working Time Myths’ and Dessi Boshnakova asking & answering: What our business card can do for us? On the photo from left to right: M. Peshev, M. Ramm, D. Boshnakova

The formal discussions were followed by informal ones at Candle Club until candle-time 🙂

My cup-of-tea Club. Here’s my card.

Someone who makes a difference

August 30, 2009

I am a regular reader of Dimitar Nikolov‘s personal development blog and would like to congratulate him on his first remarkable small ebook – a Guide to Being A Great Person, written in short and practical manner. I find his tips helpful and easy to follow.

‘Just like a dream,

August 30, 2009

you are not what you seem’ … I did not make it to Madonna’s concert in Sofia (29 Aug’09) but with a bunch of pals willing to paint the old park green, we happened to be in the vicinity of the venue, and there the words: ‘Life is a mystery, everyone must stand alone…‘  are still humming in my head.

The Green Mile

August 27, 2009

The Green Mile – a movie that made me think on issues such as how just is justice, doing a job v.s. one’s inner convinctions, miraculous events, the Green Mile ahead… and a John Coffey with his moving story and powers… 
Tom Hanks on his own Green Mile…

Back there again

August 26, 2009

Aug_RilaA place I never get tired of visiting – the Rila Monastery – passing through the gate and the world becomes different that I can best render with the word – serene.

The remains of  Saint John of Rila, the patron saint of Bulgaria and the founder of the Rila Monastery are kept here. It just dawns on me that his effigy is on the 1 lev coins in circulation in Bulgaria.