The Future is Now

July 14, 2009

Sometimes stopping the clock and freezing time is the only way for things to go (back) forward to what was initially in store. ‘The Future is Now’ in ‘The Hudsucker Proxy’ – a movie that makes one’s mind shrink – no pun, no kidding. The Future is Now – great play and humour in every detail.


2 Responses to “The Future is Now”

  1. Ginoquarius Says:

    “The Hudsucker Proxy” is a film that can be watched and enjoyed over and over again. Tim Robbins and Paul Newman are in top form and Jennifer Jason Leigh has never been more gorgeous.
    The movie also looks like “Brazil” in some elements of visualization, but it is much less dark and much more of a comedy.
    In short, this movie is funny, unique and very well acted.

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