Any road

July 13, 2009

Stockxpert_tyre_2And as the song goes:

‘…And if you don’t know where you’re going
Any road will take you there…’ George Harrison, "Any Road"

On the road … on track …
Image: Stockxpert

4 Responses to “Any road”

  1. Hermann Says:

    Great song, great words … words of consolation to the centre of my soul.
    So let’s keep on moving, even if sometimes we definitely have no idea where we are going. …

  2. Elena Ganeva Says:

    Reni, thanks for that! Lyrics and phylosophy… makes me feel calm and quite… One can almost sense and touch… “road.. a bend.. no beginning… no end”… Do we really need to know where we are going? Why goals and unsatisfaction? “we’ve got to fight with the thoughts in the head…”. One can read the song over time again and again and the story will change to parallel the mood or state of mind.

  3. Rayn@ Says:

    @ Hermann: glad to read your thoughts…

    @ Eli: always happy to read your comments – they make me see and re-see …

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