One wish granted

July 6, 2009

‘Given an infinite universe and infinite time, all things will happen. That means that every event is inevitable, including those that are impossible.’ (Interstate 60) – just like my type of movie – metaphysical, fun, messing up one’s head with a Mr. O. W. (‘One Wish’) Grant. One wish granted …

3 Responses to “One wish granted”

  1. Ginoquarius Says:

    This film teaches us that when being granted a wish, it is all about how you state your wish… 😉
    Glad to know you like this type of movies…and be prepared for the next 🙂

  2. Rayn@ Says:

    Ginoquarius, on stating wishes, my next one will contain the key words: ‘Bombay’ … ‘saphhire’… will be very AquWARYus with what I wish for 🙂

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