Water gun lesson for life

July 5, 2009

Hot summer Sunday 🙂


Sunny Sunday

Oh, oh: ‘Never pick up a water gun at point it at someone unless you are prepared to water them. Otherwise, it is an idle threat, as they can take the water gun from you and water you with it’.

Water guns are fun! Especially on hot summer days 🙂


Justine's greetings

And … on hot summer days some friends are already by the sea. Unique way of extending greetings to friends. This special unique cake on the beach made my day. Thanks, Justine!

5 Responses to “Water gun lesson for life”

  1. Ginoquarius Says:

    Nice post for this lazy afternoon. 🙂
    My suggestion for hot Sunday like today is called “Electric Iced Tea”, a variation of “Long Island Iced Tea” cocktail:
    * 20gr vodka
    * 20gr light rum
    * 20gr tequila
    * 20gr gin
    * 20gr blue curacao
    * 40gr sour mix
    * splash of lemon-lime soda

  2. Rayn@ Says:

    Ginoquarius, ‘Long Island Iced Tea’ sounds tempting. I am reminded of ‘The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it’…
    Splash 🙂 Sunny Sunday greetings, Mojitoquarius

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