Same Time, Last Year

July 2, 2009

Same Time, Last Year. Cheer(s)ful to say today: ‘Le blog c’est moi’. On this principle blogging with tolerable consistency for a year.

A glipmse as of today: visits: 31,500+; posts: 350+; Google Page Rank: 4 (4/10), HubSpot’s Grade: 84 (84/100). And many beers for cheers to: ‘Same Time, Next Year’.


Photo: Hermann

Reflections: By a sheer coincidence these days a friend sent this photo from India. I chose it for my blog’s anniversary, as it somehow relates to me blogging – what is seen overwater and reflections underneath… True, sometimes things assemble into that form of unity. This blog rolls on.

Thanks to ALL for surfing by & sharing comments. Last but not least to Velqn  – my Guru.

24 Responses to “Same Time, Last Year”

  1. Hermann Says:

    Congratulations on the first anniversary of your blog – that caused me to reappear after a long time. And thanks for the reflections.

  2. vincent Says:

    Some one year old drive adults crazy, this one year young makes them contemplate with a smile. Well done and congratulations.

  3. Tomás Muñoz Says:

    The present crisis (or whatever else one wants to call it) has given me the morning bread (and coffee) along my early morning walks along Marbella´s Mediterranean. As I look back at what people from all political or ideological colours were saying two or three years ago, I conclude that, in today´s light, they were wrong. Ireland, Iceland, Spain, etc. are in chaos precisely because of the same reasons that heralded their past successes. Moral of the story? Do not conform outside dogmas to your personal opinions. Much like in Rigoletto´s “La donna è mobile,” political, financial, economic, and even social tenets are as fickle as feathers in the wind. Yesterday´s light is today´s darkness.

    All the best, Tomás

  4. Congratulations, I’m happy to see your blog is now one year old!

  5. Ginoquarius Says:

    Fête du Blog 😉
    Congratulations !

  6. Kapka Says:

    Bonjour, ma chère Raina! 🙂

    Et comme une francophone avertie je partagerai avec toi aujourd’hui quelques mots de Jacques Salomé :

    La vie nous offre de multiples cadeaux,
    si nous savons les accueillir,
    si nous savons les amplifier,
    nous pouvons a notre tour en offrir
    et les répandre, en créer aussi.

    Merci pour de m’avoir appris a « blogguer »! Bises!

  7. Happy birthday! Go your way and at the end you will be happy to say: I did it my way”

  8. Jean-Paul Says:

    Congratulations Rayna for your blog 🙂
    You dropped me an email at

    I already like your blog and will bookmark it.

    Bon courage pour la suite.

    Jean-Paul de ZackBrandit

  9. Dani Says:

    Поздравления! Cheers 🙂

  10. az Says:

    I bide edna godina…
    Bravo, zdravi nervi i silna volia. Dori ne e za viarvane. Napalno zaslujeni pozdravlenia za tozi blog ‘pas comme les autres’, koyto uspe6no natriva nosa na google-prevodite 😉
    Davay vse taka i zanapred !
    Comme on fait son blog on se couche.

  11. S. Al-Sabeh Says:

    وأتمنى لكم كل الحب

  12. Elena Ganeva Says:

    Happy Birthday Rayn@’s Spot!

    When shall we do Прощъпулник (not translatable) to see what you will pick and become as a grown-up?

    Thanks for making our live richer… thanks for reminding us that there are books and music and fun all around…

    One criticial remark, blog. You are just too perfect… while the world around is not. I need to learn how to fly in the sky without somehow falling at the ground abruptly afterwards… Can you teach me that? I am sure you can… I need to read through the lines, right…

    Bisous. Eli

  13. Biliana Petrova Says:

    It does not matter the age but what you have done. Happy 1st anniversary :-)!Mucha suerte!

  14. Erich Says:

    It’s time to celebrate!

    After 1 year still alive and actively kicking, Congratulations!!. As I won’t be at the drinks – blog celebration tonight I sent you the way how you can make my most loved drink, Mojito. And of course the best mojito is made in Cuba in “la bodeguita bar” enjoy it.

    Keep it the way it is, interesting, informative and lovely!!

  15. Rayn@ Says:

    @ Hermann: Grateful you reappeared!

    @ Vincent: DELIGHT to read you!

    @ Tomás Muñoz: Enchanted to read My Mentor as always! And currently N. Taleb’s “The Black Swan”.

    @ Dimitar Nikolov: I follow your BlogS closely & learn a lot from them!

    @ Ginoquarius: 10X – A la votre santé!

    @ Kapka: Très apprécié, ma chère!

    @ Dessi Boshnakova: PRoper advice from a favourite PRofessional!

    @ Jean-Paul: Thank You! A la votre!

    @ Dani: Благодаря! Cheers!

    @ Az: Mersi (spelled accordingly) – if you have any doubts what I mean, you know where to GoO(g)Lé for checking, bien sûr!

    @ S.Al-Sabeh: شكرا جزيلا And many many thanks!

    @ Elena Ganeva: Cool comparison. I know what I would pick up – a blog 🙂 On flying – one of my favourite books in Bulgarian is M. Algafari’s “We All Can Fly”. I can 🙂

    @ Biliana Petrova: Muchas gracias 🙂

    @ Erich: 1 year old …yeah – still kicking. In the blog’s toddler’s age – will start with shots !… Mojito being my favourite:-) LIVE cheers!

  16. velqn Says:

    It has been one wonderful year with Rayna`s blog and let`s hope this to be only the start of a successful and crazy story.

    I am deeply involved in the being of this blog but in no matter i can influence the thoughts and mind of the author.

    Keep the persistent being unique and be yourself.

    Maybe this is worth.

  17. Dear Rayna,

    Happy blogthday, hope you had a great night celebrating! Blogging crosses borders, without need of passports, certificates or usb-sticks. I am proud to perhaps having been able to inspire you.
    Since the end of Expeditie Europa I started two new blogs, one about media and another with film obituaries (‘’). Unfortunately, my constituency is still predominantly Dutch, but schimmenrijk contains many pictures and videos.
    Keep on bridging those gaps, I admire you.


  18. Victor Says:

    Congrats and keep up the good work!

  19. Rayn@ Says:

    @ Velqn: I’d add – and a wonderful year with & Velqn himself 🙂

    @ Hans Beerekamp: Dear Hans, thank you! ‘Blogthday’ (super coinage!) inspires me to blog about it. Will do so.

    @ Victor: Many 10X & Cheers 🙂

  20. […] July 4, 2009 My Blogthday (thanks to Hans for the term) was a memorable exPeRience. And ‘The Pleasure of Being a Blogger‘ (in […]

  21. Dessi Lashkova Says:

    True to myself (late as always)I wish you Happy Birthday, Rayn@’s Spot. Many, many thanks for all you have done, for your special attention, for the fact that you make a difference.

    Many happy returns of the day :)))!


  22. Rayn@ Says:

    Desco-Besco, a year ago I took a decision it would be a blog like me 🙂 and it turned out to be. Many thanks for your words.

  23. Petia Says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!Wish you success and prosperity! Be our open window to the word for long time ahead!

  24. Rayn@ Says:

    Petia, I first read ‘word’ above as ‘world’ but now I see it as it is and like it better. Thank you very much for the wishes!

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