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Sheer madness

May 5, 2009

The way Theatre Bulgarian Army has staged Marilyn Abrams’ & Bruce Jordan’s ‘Shear Madness’ was indeed great fun with the audience being involved in solving a murder mystery. It was sheer madness indeed worth the laugh.

Sunset before rain

May 5, 2009

The driver’s seat absorbs the mind. The passenger’s one – the senses. Wondrous sights that make one wonder how each sunset is like no other. And yet all – awesome.


Sunset just before a heavy rain storm

Storks & Babies

May 5, 2009

2_stork1Traveling around Bulgaria’s country side storks’ nests are a usual sight all around. During the warm months (March – September) storks migrate to Bulgaria for breeding. The common belief here also is that storks are responsible for bringing babies to new parents. Birds … births & babies 🙂