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Friday Flashback

May 1, 2009

Dimitar Nikolov's blog

A blog I visit regularly deos not stop surprising me with great ideas.  As of today Dimitar started his Friday Flashback – must read articles form the archives. Re-reading some of his posts, I discovered things I’ve missed previously. Smart & useful.

Kapka’s blog – find a job

May 1, 2009

When a respectable expert in the area of developing people, teams & organisations starts a blog, one can expect first-hand useful experience shared. This is the case of Kapka Stoykova’s blog  (in Bulgarian) which focuses on inspiring people to find the right job.  The author states that finding a job is like finding a girl/boy friend. Sounds intriguing. Let’s see ->


Kapka Stoykova's blog - 2 find a job