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My Friends’ Mom

May 31, 2009

Vasilka_Stoeva_signed_photo_1Bulgaria’s 1972 Summer Olympics (Munich, Germany) discus throw event women’s bronze medalist, Vasilka Stoeva Vasilka_Stoeva_medal(born 14 January 1940) still receives letters from fans from Bulgaria and abroad with requests for signed photos. The least I could do was scan a photo signed by her with her record in hand writing – 64.34 meters (click on the photos for larger views).

Rainy day

May 30, 2009

Rainy weather all day long. Few days ago Belgium surprised us with unusually hot & sunny days. The Belgians say: ‘If you don’t like Belgium weather, wait for 5 minutes’. Sofia was unusually gloomy & rainy today. But the sunshine is just all over. Weather indeed cannot be counted upon 😉

Take French leave

May 28, 2009

Any time I come across the expression ‘take French leave’ it occurs to me that the French equivalent is ‘filer à l’anglaise’. Language and thought … Thoughts and languages … A comment in French today prompted me in taking French leave.

Vacation mode

May 27, 2009

My mind is still on vacation mode. Six days in 12 shots – Belgium album.

Google_27_May_2009_championsleague09And Champions League Final tonight. The shots 🙂 must go on.

On places & faces

May 26, 2009

8_AmsterdamIf I were to vote for a name for Amsterdam, I would have gone for ARTeDam. It is around every corner … whoops … canal.

The sun is not in abundance here, but smiling faces and bicycles are.


May 24, 2009

10_Maison_Burganov_1Right next to an art gallery (Maison Burganov) in the very heart of Brussels there is a museum to chocolate.



Belgian chocolate – my favourite art.