I – then

April 23, 2009

April experimental twIttering  continued…



In the eve of the forthcoming May college graduation parties [абитуриентски балове] I was on Velqn’s invitees list – to share a photo from mine. It took me some time to dig out the albums & scan, but finally there I am.

I’d be curious to see below 6 bloggers with their own, therefore invitation extended to:


Justine Toms
Desi Boshnakova

Peter Rashev
Mike Ramm
Dimitar Nikolov

All it takes is rummage around the albums. It’s fun & laughs.

13 Responses to “I – then”

  1. Rayna, thank you for the invitation! It is a great idea, really! Unfortunately, my pictures from “those days” are in my birth town – Yambol – and I don’t know if I would be able to go there, scan them, and publish them in time for the proms.
    Anyway, it’s a good idea to show some pictures from the school years 🙂

  2. Elena Ganeva Says:

    You look wonderful, then and now:)

  3. Rayn@ Says:

    @ Hi Mike, no rush. Whenever you dig them out, that would be fine. The most important thing for every one of us is to have fun remembering those old school days.

    @ Elena, thanks a lot. I feel the same, then and now.

  4. Дани :-) Says:

    Рошав, и тогава си бил рошав 🙂

  5. Rayn@ Says:

    @ Дани – и тогава и сега, но понякога не съм 🙂

  6. Here’s my photo 🙂 Not much difference between now and then, is there?

    Thanks for the invitation, Rayna!

  7. Rayn@ Says:

    @ Hey Dimitar, thanks for sharing. Not any difference at all indeed! Nice photo!

  8. Dessi Lashkova Says:

    Hey, Renka, then – you look like a bud, now -you are the rose! Picture is really very sweet & beautiful.

  9. Rayn@ Says:

    Hey Desco-Besco, reading or talking to you always makes one (me, definitely) feel great. It was indeed fun digging out the albums. One day I will write on the Mask Ball & my favourite photo there is with ‘Herr Flick & Helga’ 🙂

  10. Еli Abadjieva Says:

    сега си по- хубава. аз няма да пратя моя снимка, защото на бала съм по- рошава и от теб

  11. Rayn@ Says:

    Ели, ти и сега си по-рошава от мен 🙂 10X.

  12. bulpete Says:

    Благодаря за поканата Райна!
    Ето моят отговор:

  13. Rayn@ Says:

    Пепи, благодаря! Очаквам скоро подробности от твоя бал.

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