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® – Easter Greetings

April 19, 2009

April experimental twitte®ing continued …


Easter eggs’2009

For the Orthodox Easter in Bulgaria we decorate eggs – mine are on the picture, a fellow-blogger’s ones here. The smell & taste of kozunak (Easter cake*) is delicious. The most exciting  part of the holiday for me is the spirit of re-birth. Paschal greeting: Христос воскресe! Воистина воскресе!
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* Mom’s Easter Cake Recipe
e_cake_092√   1 kg flour
√   300 grams sugar
√   20 grams yeast
√   250 grams butter
√   250 cms³ milk
√   6 eggs
√   figs, raisins, nuts …

Preparation: First the yeast with 50 grams of flour in 50 grams of milk gets mixed. In a separate bowl the eggs are blended with 150 grams of sugar. Separately, the milk is blended with 150 grams of sugar. The egg & milk mixtures should be heated before adding to the flour. Finally the melted butter is added. After kneading the mixture well, it should be left to rise (about 2 hours until the volume almost doubles). Before baking – figs, raisins, nuts – whatever one likes – are added.  After baking, let cool. The Easter cake always tastes delicious!