I (-: like I – EYE :-)

April 18, 2009

April experimental twitterIng continued …

I was EYE-caught by E. Ganeva’s driving (dis)abilities today. In Elena’s case it was easier earning a CFA (globally recognized credential for investment analysis and management) than acquiring parking skills. Now I think it’s clearer to me why  ‘drive’ a car & ‘drive someone crazy’ – in both cases the verb is the same 😉 while the spelling of ‘learning‘ & ‘earning‘ is so close….&  the words  ‘I’ & ‘eye” are homophones.


E. Ganeva (Image done with PhotoFunia)

2 Responses to “I (-: like I – EYE :-)”

  1. […] Ganeva (known for driving HELLen crazy with her driving skills) and √ Ginoquarius (for the Movie therapy in […]

  2. […] Guest authors – E. & L. Ganevi September 30, 2009 Tryavna and the region around were a wish-to-do destination recently, but friends made the trip there instead. I invited them to share in a nutshell their impressions and some photos. Welcome to guest author – Elena Ganeva […]

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