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April twittering – chirrup 1

April 1, 2009


With all the Twitter around (now with the real spring 🙂 for a change in April, I’ll be twittering right here around.
Image: Willamette

1st. Happy April 1st.  ‘Don’t take life too seriously, you’ll never get out alive’.

2nd. My mind’s already there – a trip for (p)leisure to Bansko– a fantabulous spot in Bulgaria that offers … ski … spa … sun…


🙂 one size fits all

3rd. 🙂 With the April sunshine there seems to be more & more smiles & sunny looks around. They say the world always looks brighter from behind a smile. Especially true on a bright day. Spontaneous: Hey Guys, keep smiling!

4th. My DJ skills are not as advanced as La Reine’s, but for the start of the weekend, my choice is Nothing Else Matters.

MUSICA SACRA– The closing concert of the Second Festival “MUSICA SACRA” is tomorrow – 5 April 2009 – 19 hrs at the Catholic Cathedral “St. Joseph” – Sofia (146, Kniaz Boris Str). With the support of the Embassy in Finland in Bulgaria.

5th. Prejudiced against books for dummies? I was until I read two – one in an area I believe I am a dummy and another in which I believe I am not. Found valuable tips in the former (for lack of sufficient knowledge in the area) but so did in the latter (familiar tips reiterated). For ‘dummies’ – aha!

6th.9th. When my computer becomes slow experts advise me to start a defragmentation process. Sometimes it feels as if the mind needs defragmenting. Off on a short vacation.
D | E | F | R | A | G | M | E | N | T | A | T | I | O | N
DefragMINDation. Back on …

10th. After a few days with views of the majestic Bulgarian Pirin and Rila mountains around Bansko, I can say my mind is indeed fully defr ag | MI | ND | e | d |

Bankso, Bulgaria (April 2009)

April twittering continued – chirrup 2

1st of April :-)

April 1, 2009

1st of April – thinking on the Liar paradox. Epimenides, a Cretan, reportedly stated:’The Cretans are always liars’ – the paradox is often considered equivalent or interchangeable with the liar paradox, but they are not the same. The liar paradox is a statement that cannot consistently be true or false, while Epimenides’ statement is simply false, as long as there exists at least one Cretan who sometimes tells the truth’. (Wikipedia)

Thanks to D. Boshnakova for above cartoon.