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A – April Twittering – experiment over

April 30, 2009

bird_111 That was my April experimental Twittering

bird_1111 I started  with the intention of writing within 140 characters each day in April, however I  had to rethink my ‘twittering’ soon, as experimenting with it, it turned out Twitterland is not my destin(y)ation, so half-way through, I went back to blogging my way – short chirrup posts 🙂 Thanks for surfing by.


P – Pleased to Meet An Unquiet Mind

April 29, 2009

APril experimental tweets   …

The first time I come across a blog that intrigues me, I check ‘About’ the author section. Much impressed with the way only An Unquiet Mind could do it:


R – R-end-ering ‘end’

April 28, 2009

bird_111 ApRil experimental tweets

Via dreams’ hall I came across: in the end…

everything will be okay
in the end.

if it’s not okay
it’s not the end.

Open ends fascinate me. Another way of r-end-ering ‘end’.

I – Ignorance or apathy

April 27, 2009

AprIl experimental tweets

Once in a while I am reminded of the guy who was asked what was worse – ignorance or apathy & the response was: I don’t know. I don’t care. Good question.

google_27_04_samuelmorse09 This morning I thought something was wrong with my computer. But nothing was. Today – Google ‘s logo – in Morse code.  Good to know ! ! !

L – LOL – WEquation

April 26, 2009

bird_111 ApriL experimental Twittering

‘He’s Just Not That Into You’ – it was ironic … fun. Yeah, relationships between women & men can be complicated sometimes. The cast was charming and their stories so close to stories we’ve heard from others or somehow experienced ourselves in the search of happiness.

Tickled also by ”My Better 1/2 – The Constant in our WEquation’ –  Tickled by Life. Laughing Out Loud.

T – Twee … spring blossoms

April 25, 2009

April experimental Twittering   …

Blossoms everywhere, fresh air, spring sensations.