Bloggers’ Big Read

March 29, 2009

I liked Eneya ‘s idea (in Bulgarian) therefore I join the Bloggers’ Big Read – 10 top favourite books. Each one below has somehow transformed my perceptions & views. The order in which they are listed is top of mind:

√ Truman Capote’s “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”
√ Gore Vidal’s “Palimpsest”
√ James Aldridge “One Last Glimpse”
√ Orhan Pamuk – “Istanbul”
√ Philip Roth – “Portnoy’s Complaint”
√ Gerald Durrel – “Marrying Off Mother”
√ Nassim Taleb – “Fooled by Randomness”
Yordan Yovkov– “Boryana”
√ Douglas Adams – “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”
√ Antoine de Saint-Exupéry – “Le Petit Prince”

With this I’d like to invite Dimitar NikolovVal Nelson & Velqn Staikov to share their top 10 favourite if they wish. Everyone who wishes is also invited to share by leaving a comment.

17 Responses to “Bloggers’ Big Read”

  1. Val Nelson Says:

    Hello Rayna, thanks for the invite. Here are the books I keep returning to, or can’t get out of my head:

    Virginia Woolf- To the Lighthouse
    Alain de Botton- The Art of Travel
    Maira Kalman- The Principles of Uncertainty
    Halldor Laxness- The Fish Can Sing
    EM Forster- A Room with a View
    David Hockney- That’s the Way I See It
    Kirk Varnedoe_ Cy Twombly: A Retrospective
    Brown/Rowell/Warrell-Turner at Petworth
    George Mauner- Manet Still Life Paintings
    Harper Lee- To Kill a Mockingbird

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  3. darkeve Says:

    Great idea!!

    1- The holy book (I dont sound religious I know, but this is the best one I read so far)
    2- The Prophet- Khalil Gibran
    3- Pity the Nation: Lebanon at war- Robert Fisk
    4- Like the Flowing River- Paulo Coelho
    5- Memoirs of a Geisha- Arthur Golden
    6- Who Moved My Cheese?- Dr. Spencer Johnson
    7- The Art of War- Sun Tzu
    8- A Tale of Two Cities- Charles Dickens
    9- The Idiot- Fyodor Destoevsky
    10- The Secret- Rhonda Byrne

  4. Ted Adams Says:

    Hello, Rayna and congratulations for the idea.I`m not a fan of charts, but still…
    Стивън Кинг-Гняв
    Херман Хесе -Сидхарта
    Тери Прачет-Нощна Стража
    Дъглас Адамс-Пътеводител на галактическия стопаджия
    Димитър Димов-Тютюн
    Стивън Кинг-То
    Пауло Коельо-Алхимикът
    Урсула Легуин-Магьосникът от Землемория
    Аркадий и Борис Стругацки-Пикник край пътя
    Христо Калчев-Белият Дявол

  5. it will be difficult to stop at 10 but, I will try:
    1.The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint Exupéry
    2. The Future of Success by Robert B. Reich
    3. I am right, you are wrong – Edward de Bono
    4. Cien años de soledad – Gabriel García Márquez
    5. 35th of May – Erich Kestner
    6. Upside down stories by Donald Bisset
    7. The Father of SPIN by Larry Tye
    8. Romance Sonámbulo a poem by Federico Garcia Lorca
    9. Piaf: A biography by Simone Berteaut
    10.Here’s My Card by Bob Popyk

  6. nur ulushan Says:

    nice’s my inspiring top10:
    1. Siddhartha – Hermann Hesse
    2. Jonathan Livingstone Seagull – Richard Bach
    3. The Unbearable Lightness of Being – Milan Kundera
    4. The New Life – Orhan Pamuk
    5. Nausea – Jean Paul Sartre
    6. On Seeing & Noticing – Alain de Botton
    7. Improbable – Adam Fawer
    8. The Little Prince – A. de Saint-Exupery
    9. La Prochaine Fois – Marc Levy
    10. The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho

  7. Petia Popova Says:

    My list is as follows:
    1.The Catcher in the Rye
    2.The Great Expectations
    3.Alice in Wonderland
    4.Майсторът и Маргарита
    5.Pride and Prejudice
    6.Великият Гетсби
    7.Портрет на Дориан Грей

  8. Elena Ganeva Says:

    I tend to read in a chaotic way and to quickly forget names of both authors and books. Still a book that impressed me was:

    “One Hundred Years of Solitude” Gabriel García Márquez – it made me think and confused me a bit, I felt part of this world, but also part of another…

    I had lots of fun with Vladimir Kaminer “Russian Disko”, “I am worried mama”. Stories from everyday’s life and still funny and amusing… life seems brighter if you do not look at it too seriously.

  9. Оги Says:

    1. To Reign in Hell – Steven Brust
    2. Catch-22 – Joseph Heller
    3. The Chronicles of Amber – Roger Zelazny
    4. Heart of Darkness – Joseph Conrad
    5. The Prize of Peril – Robert Sheckley
    6. Creatures of Light and Darkness – Roger Zelazny
    7. Майсторът и Маргарита – Михаил Булгаков
    8. The Elegant Universe – Brian Greene
    9. Mathematics: The Loss of Certainty – Morris Kline
    10. Dune – Frank Herbert

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  12. Дани Says:

    Пипи Дългото чорапче
    Граф Монте Кристо
    Приключeниятa нa Рoбинзoн Крузo
    Aлисa в Стрaнaтa нa чудeсaтa
    Приключeниятa нa Toм Сoйeр
    Хъкълбeри Фин
    Рoбин Худ
    Кaрлсoн, кoйтo живee нa пoкривa
    Oстрoвът нa съкрoвищaтa

  13. Az Says:

    Разказите на Й. Йовков
    Мисли, Блез Паскал
    Или-или, Киркегаар
    Фауст, Гьоте
    Щилер, Макс Фриш
    Розова градина, Саади
    Демокрацията на САЩ, Токвил
    Човекът-вълк, Борис Виан
    Мъжки времена, Н. Хайтов
    Името на розата, У. Еко

  14. Яна Says:

    Кирил Топалов – Бягай… Обичам те, Бъди благословена, Разминаване, Нерви, От тук до хоризонта;
    Йордан Радичков – Всички и никой, Неосветените дворове, Прашка, Ноев ковчег, Образ и подобие

  15. H Bart Says:

    * Good To Great
    * One-Minute Manager
    * The Human Capital Edge: 21 People Management Practices
    * The ROI of Human Capital: Measuring the Economic Value
    * Business: The Ultimate Resource
    * First, Break All the Rules
    * How to Make Friends and Influence People
    * Games People Play
    * I’m OK, you’re OK
    * Leading Change

  16. Konuralp Sunal Says:

    1 – Report to El Greco – Nikos Kazantzakis
    2 – The Catacombs of Misraim from the selected stories titled as The Prison of Freedom – Michael Ende
    3 – The Magus – John Fowles
    4 – Hamlet – Shakespeare
    5 – All works of Panait Istrati
    6 – 80 Days Around The World – Jules Verne
    7 – Tutunamayanlar – Oğuz Atay
    8 – Uncle Vanya – Anton Chekhov
    9 – The Happy Prince – Oscar Wilde
    10 – Sophie’s World – Jostein Gaarder

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