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On fear and crisis

March 25, 2009

Peter Felsmann, the couch of the forthcoming Teen Insight in Sofia, has an interesting biography in the area of Insight seminars, performance enhancement, productivity consultant, Aikido enthusiast … (details here). peter_felsmann2In a recent bTV interview in Bulgaria he spoke on fear during crisis. ‘When a person is taken by fear one is not so creative and does not easily find solutions… But the crisis has its advantages …’ -> to the full text and video (in Bulgarian). ‘Focus on your priorities’.

Sofia in the 30-ies

March 25, 2009

A virtual stroll through Sofia (as it was in the 30-ies) via Stara Sofia blog was relaxing. It felt like going through old photographs – things look familiar yet somehow different. So once upon a time there had been people strolling in front of the Sofia University in stead of honking in traffic jams. More Old Sofia [Стара София] views.

Rehab continued

March 25, 2009
Once a rehab starts, it goes on & on… rehab_32Sort of ‘the fun never stops’, though exhaustive. After the kitchen rehab, the upside-down environment around is also changing to down-upside 🙂 … 😉 namely back to normal – no more ups & downs…for now.