Dutch on Europe

March 23, 2009

Marnix College is a high school in the eastern part of the Netherlands that has a tradition in promoting European awareness. The pupils made a pro-European DVD ‘Europe is us’, ‘when the Dutch were in the least European mood ever’ and their project attracted the attention of the Queen who attended the presentation in person at their school.

eeNow they have invited NRC Handelsblad journalist Hans Beerekamp and Janine Prins to talk about their ‘Expeditie Europa’ experiences to an audience of approximately 300 pupils, teachers and parents on 24 March 2009 at Marnix College.

Hans and Janine won the cross culture exchange sponsorship award at Erasmus EuroMedia 2008 award ceremony for the Expeditie Europa project

Photo: Bram Budel (left: Hans Beerekamp; right: Janine Prins)

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