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March 13, 2009

It just happened that in two consecutive movies I saw these days Charlize Theron was the main character in both – ‘Sweet November ‘ and ‘The Italian Job ‘. The former was a bit too sweet for my mood, while the latter – a bit too comic. However Keanu Reeves in the former and Mark Wahlberg in the latter were a good cast match to watch with Charlize Theron.

Maria Gergova

March 13, 2009

maria_gergova_2For a second month in a row this year it is Friday the 13th. I know people who adore this combination. Last month on that date a dear colleague (Bulgarian)  – Maria Gergova, CEO of United Partners,  was inaugurated as President of IPRA (International PR Association) for 2009, which is a recognition for her achievements in the field of PR and an honour for Bulgaria.  The topic of the South East European Conference was “PR 3.0 – Challenges and opportunities of communicating with the new information society in today’s complex digital media environment!”. Best of luck to Maria!