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Three Men in the Snow

March 11, 2009

Prejudiced against German humour? Then Erich Kästner‘s ‘Three Men in the Snow’ [Drei Männer im Schnee] is a cure. A brilliant story with funny situations on every page – contrasting rich man – poor man life style situations. And a very happy and funny end.

On Ideal wave

March 11, 2009

viko_1 Ideal Office – buy or rent office equipment, make a reservation for air tickets, translation services and more … And get advice on what is best for your needs – at the office or (as in my case) over tea, candies & laptops over the weekend.

On the topic of ‘ideal’ I am reminded of the joke in which a self-employed shared that he enjoyed being his own boss, but disliked being his own employee 🙂