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On missions possible …

February 15, 2009

Following last week’s Internet 2009 discussions, I went through the book ‘Online Marketing – Mission Even More Possible” (in Bulgarian). Useful reading for active users of Internet.

‘Jam Session’ with Victoria Krumova

February 15, 2009

Victoria Krumova

Some people write in absorbing way. Respect! I came across the writings (both in English & Bulgarian) of young Bulgarian essayist Victoria Krumova via Internet. She had left a comment (actually an essay) on my “14 Feb – win for 2′ post on the topic of love. Her ideas & wording struck me.

Then I searched the Internet & … contacted her. Her personal page in Literature Club gives a sample of her writings & expression of thought. I enjoyed every word… And then … she revealed that we’ve met years ago. But at that time back in time I knew her as Vicky … and had not the foggiest idea about her writing skills. It was a long way…of (re)discovery – six degrees (or rather pixels) of separation…