10 principles of each sign:-)

February 2, 2009

Via The Site of a Woman I came across the 10 Principles of each zodiac sign (in Bulgarian). My top favourites on each sign:

√ It’s so boring to be like the rest (Aquarius)
√ Figaro here, Figaro there… (Gemini)
√ The hardest choice to make is to choose (Libra)

√ I control the situation easier than my emotions (Aries)
√ If we are to do something, it has to be Something (Leo)
√ Pangs of consciousness/remorse? What’s that? (Sagittarius)

√ Don’t disturb the one who is sitting comfortably (Taurus)
√ Big & complicated things make me confused (Virgo)
√ Only I get younger as years pass by (Capricorn)

√ Good company – that’s my element (Cancer)
√ To smile, you need a sound reason (Scorpio)
√ I get along with everybody but myself (Pisces)

To the full text & all signs 🙂

4 Responses to “10 principles of each sign:-)”

  1. darkeve Says:

    “√ Only I get younger as years pass by (Capricorn)”

    I hope that’s true!!

    I have serious conerns and fears or aging. You have no idea how I hate the fact that in amost a year ill be 25! Sounds crazy, doesnt it?!

  2. Rayn@ Says:

    Dear Darkeve, if you are Capricorn – for sure that’s true. Have a great day 🙂

  3. Scorpio Says:

    Yes, indeed 🙂

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