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My Abacus shows this

February 28, 2009

Image: Stockxpert

A quick glance back as to how I’ve been posting over the past months as total entries as of today are: 254 – Feb’09 being my record high (41) with not a single day without minumum a post, Jan’09 (31),  Dec’08 (26), Nov’08 (24), Oct’08 (33), Sept’08 (30), Aug’08 (34), Jul’08 (35). Total views as of today just a click away from 20,000.

The origins of the Abacus are buried deep in the history of mankind. This calculating device is believed to be of Babylonian origin. Handy & useful nowadays, too 🙂


Vanity (f)air

February 28, 2009

Had fun thinking how my blog’s card should look like. So:


🙂 ... (-:

Layout & Print: Plamen Nedelchev (tel:+359 888 389 887)


February 27, 2009

Nights in Rodanthe – mushy, slushy & schmaltzy. The second chance – real mal chance. Unforgettable sea views!

On ‘art’ & ‘change’

February 27, 2009

Surfing through the Blogosphere two posts caught my attention: Kaladan’s ‘Change as Inspiration’ (in Bulgarian)

‘You see things in life
And you’re bit surprise what you see
Life, your whole life, is changes…’ Back and Forth (Uncle)

…       …       … and Yasen Vassilev’s on art: …
–  association rather than logic …
–  symbol rather than metaphor…
–  mystery rather than reality…’ (to the full text in Bulgarian)

Between the lines, I find both ‘change’ & ‘art’ inspirational.

Tea with a Gift Master

February 26, 2009

Gift Master & Gifts

Lyuba Medarova is a Gift Master. A real one. With her own gift house ‘Kordella’ in Sofia (tel: +359 2 980 6623). If you need a proper gift or a consultancy on the non-verbal communication of gifts, ask the Master. “If the gift you make is liked by the recipient, then ljuba_medarova_2 you’ve put a bit of your soul in it”, she quotes a Japanese saying. I did not want to go out of the cosy house, but will re-visit … soon.

Below in a nutshell a quick glance at zodiac signs & gifts. The full text of Lyuba’s views on the issue (Word doc) – in Bulgarian.

Zodiac Sign

(à la Yovko)

As a Gift Giver

(à la Lyuba)  

As a Gift Receiver

(à la Lyuba)


Likes to be the first & to be noticed, gives energized gifts …

Enjoys personalized gifts which emphasize his/her importance …


Chooses precisely with a practical attitude …

Don’t even think of giving them a trifle, has to be valuable …


Likes to make paradoxical gifts … discover the mystery.

Loves items along their hobby and gifts chosen with humour.


Sticks to traditions, gifts have a sentimental nuance..

For Cancer, choose a practical gift, an elite delicacy …


Chooses useful & exquisite gifts … might be done by the Leo …

Pack your gift well in a shiny wrapping with original wishes …


Not over-generous, but put attention in the quality of the gift …

Pays attention to the gift details, incl. the atmosphere …


Takes a lot of time to choose an exquisite gift …

Choose a gift for the Libra, not his/her family or home …


Chooses practical gifts, sometimes quite expensive.

Appreciates a long sough for gift, they  like useful gadgets …


Loves making presents, usually personalized & remembered …

Addicted to travel & sports, so a trip or a spa gift is ok …


Chooses with love beautiful items to be used at home …

Expects the gift to bring positive change to his/her life …


S/He didn’t forget you but wants to surprise you with a wonderful gift …

Loves receiving gifts & think others are obliged to make them such …


Chooses intuitively. They prefer giving to receiving …

Enjoys a painting or relaxing music, romantic items …

A Millionaire

February 25, 2009

Over-Oscared or not the ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ movie was moving to watch. Jamal Malik was a question away from winning a staggering amount in India’s “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?” How did he do it?

√ A. He cheated

√ C: He’s a genius

√ B. He’s lucky

√ D. It is written

The correct answer gets known … as in the show … at the end.