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On words & links

January 28, 2009

The Bulgarian version of ‘miserable failure ‘ over the past few days is best summarised for me in a nutshell from Smiling’s post (in Bulgarian) on the issue & the influence of bloggers: ‘…their word matters be it only at Google …’



Insight [Sofia] – forthcoming

January 28, 2009

R. Kossacheva

Insightful people get involved with insightful events …

Rositza is happy to announce the forthcoming Insight Seminar in Sofia, Bulgaria. Insight is learning through experience. Among some of the benefits of the the training:

√ Clarity of own perceptions, ambitions & projections;
√ Opening up of your personal potential;
√ Emotion (anger, fear, doubt, etc.) management …
     In English with translation in Bulgarian. Coached by David Raynr.   


20 – 23 Feb 2009


Sofia, Park Hotel Moscow, Hall ‘Kiev’

Who to contact

E-mail: Tel: 0888 707 907 or 0887 465 932 (R. Kossacheva – for more information)