An hour of service

January 16, 2009

If every person spent an hour doing something selfless, it would indeed make a huge difference in this world.  Just came across Seth Godin‘s ideas & I am happy to know people in Bulgaria and elsewhere spending selfless hours on good causes. Respects to them! Hopefully more will follow.

2 Responses to “An hour of service”

  1. darkeve Says:

    That sounds inspiring, but even when I spend time doin charity suff, I end up feelin that I only did this to feel like a better person, well yeah, i kind of have a serious guilt complex!

  2. Rayn@ Says:

    In my view anyone who spends time on doing something selfless has a reason to feel a good person (and very probably he/she is). And I also think that it is more common for good people to have a sense of guilt (the others simply don’t bother). I am not an expert in human behaviour – just thinking aloud.

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